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Unruly Students is a new expansion set for Dungeonology - The Expedition, and includes two new Boss cards (4 different Boss profiles) that can also be used in pairs, using the rules for playing with two of these Bosses in the same game, and four new types of Students that join the university of Rocca Civetta.
With this expansion, the Scholars of the core game become fearsome Bosses. There is an air of rebellion in Rocca Civetta, and the aspiring professors got tired of the rules of the University and, accompanied by their brotherhoods, they will enter the dungeons causing chaos. Vincenzo, Rebecca, Sofia and Valerio take charge of the university societies to sabotage the expeditions!
Each of them will be at the head of a new university society with specific Students of different colors, who will act against the players in the most disparate ways.
When one of these new Bosses is used in the game, the Students of its brotherhood can be used in Addition to the standard Students of the core game and drawing one of them from the University Bag will activate the boss’ special powers!
The main innovation of this expansion is the possibility to play games with two of these Bosses in the same game: double the threat, double the fun!.
THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME. You must own a copy of Dungeonology - The Expedition to Play.


With this expansion, a new Mega Boss comes into play! The chaotic Spriggan of the woods will stick to the Scholars, annoying them in completely new ways!

Spriggy in Boots, with his giant boots, will make noise by calling attention to the Student he chooses to follow, but he can also guide him to the most inaccessible places of the Dungeon.

Pinky, with his devastating punches, will chase away all the Students who approach his Scholars, but at the same time threaten the opposing Scholars.

The Brain, with his huge and bulky mask, constantly distracts his Scholar, even if he will help him collect Information Cubes.

But the real treat will be revealed when the three Spriggans meet, joining together to form the terrible SPRIGGAZORD! This Spriggan totem will annoy all Scholars, teleporting to their areas and continuing to follow them relentlessly!


Leonardo’s Workshop is the first big expansion for Dungeonology - The Expedition, and offers a unique opportunity for some promising Scholars of the University of Rocca Civetta to meet the greatest inventor in the world, Leonardo Da Vinci.
Leonardo will put them through an endless series of traps, logic games, and skill tests to find out which of the candidates  eserves to learn his secrets. Scholars can decide whether to face this new adventure in cooperative or competitive mode, or in the new “Team Mode”.
In this expansion, you will find a completely new dungeon including 20 completely new areas, which you must explore to study all of Leonardo’s disciplines.
Leonardo will walk around the Workshop’s areas and he won’t be alone! His huge war robot, Mechalisa, will be a Super Boss and a real pain in the neck...
This new expansion set also adds a new Scholar, Tancredi the Architect, and a new type of Trick Cards, Meccanica cards, which can als be used when playing Dungeonology in its "traditional" setting, without the rest of this expansion.
THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GAME. You must own a copy of Dungeonology - The Expedition to Play.