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Call of Cthulhu - The Outer Gods Hastur Dice Set

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Call Of Cthulhu The Outer Gods Hastur Dice Set

Hastur is the Great Old One who escapes our perception and understanding. His being is based on the incomprehensible idea of multidimensionality, far beyond our cognition. We wanted to praise the might of this Deity in a set dedicated to Hastur - Call Of Cthulhu The Outer Gods Hastur Dice Set from Q WORKSHOP.

The Great Old One exists at the same time in infinitely many realities. We tried to capture the essence of Hastur as the Deity pervading the universe with many faces on the beautiful polyhedral dice in the color of the King in Yellow, along with the black engraved symbols and figures. This set is one of the few praising the Outer Gods from Cthulhu Mythos that have been funded initially through Kickstarter.

Too much Hastur

Multidimensionality means that Hastur can be anywhere in innumerable incarnations and simultaneously talk to each of his cultists. They say, too, that to summon Hastur, you only need to say his name three times. That's why they call him He Who Is Not To Be Named.

Oops, did we just use his name more than three times?? Probably yes, but many madmen claim that, when they called Hastur, the gifts of masterly made objects dedicated to the Old One, especially those with the official patronage of Chaosium, allowed them to survive the encounter. They're worth having when a player or the Game Master says 'Hastur' too many times.