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Aventuria Curse of Borbarad

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Eleven brave heroes set out to infiltrate Borabarad’s tower and break his curse, but now they are all dead... All except you! As the lone survivor, you must now face the dangers of the tower alone and complete the mission!

Curse of Borbarad is a solo adventure for Aventuria - The Adventure Card Game. Use the 30 Tower Cards to build the archmage’s cursed tower, then choose a hero to explore its deadly floors. Your goal is to figure out what the Curse of Borbarad is and how to stop it and save all of southern Aventuria from a devastating catastrophe. The mysterious tower and its guards and traps stand between you and your goal, and as the sole hero, you can expect nothing but certain death.

Fortunately for you, in this wretched place steeped in ancient magic, death is only the beginning! It allows you to learn from your past mistakes and delve deeper into the tower to unlock its disturbing secrets.

This adventure is designed for a single hero, and includes many new game mechanics to keep solo play varied and exciting. However, if you like, you
can also use the Multiplayer Mode to experience the adventure as a group
(2-6 players). A large-scale Tower Plan, four deadly floors, Learning Cards,
rules for Hunger and Thirst, and many other game elements ensure each new foray into the tower is an exciting challenge, where you are never certain what awaits your hero.

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