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KoW Vanguard

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In the tabletop fantasy skirmish game Kings of War: Vanguard, you create a warband of 28mm elite fighters, develop their abilities, and fight to the bitter end. Before the first charge, before weapons clash in brutal combat, before the victor gathers the spoils of war, battles will be won by the brave deeds of small, elite bands of fighters. Commanders rely on their trusted warbands to disrupt the enemies' vital supply routes, light beacons to warn comrades of enemy movement, and seize winning positions on the battlefield. If the raiding parties do their job well, the battle is won long before the troops have mustered.


Vanguard is the fantasy skirmish game. Also is a fantastic recruiter product for the mass battle game Kings of war!

Vanguard is easily accessible through building your own personal warband to explore rich and in-depth scenarios.

Games last around 60-90 minutes which can be played as both stand-alone vanguard games/campaigns and also integrated with Kings of War games.

Uses familiar well loved game concepts from Kings of War while introducing exciting new elements.